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To create a library go to the Libraries tab. Then, if you just want to see how it works select 'Get some examples'. If you have already started to create a library then save it.

After you have done that just click on the Tests tab to come back here.

Your libraries will then show here instead of this message. You will be able to choose which questions you want to add to this test from your libraries.

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After you have answered the questions you will need to send an email to --email-- to register your answers. If you do not have email facilities on this device then you will still be able to print the required details. If you do not have either of these facilities then please do not continue at this time.

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Remember, you can also see results via the email results service. See Emails .


Please read these instructions before starting to answer questions. When you press the button you will see the first page of questions. There can be more than one question per page.

You can set a reminder on each question to navigate back to them quickly.

At the bottom of each question page is a series of buttons:

The button takes you to the next question page. You need to answer, or set a reminder on, all questions on the page before you can move on.

The button is shown on all question pages except the first and takes you to the previous question page.

The button takes you to the Question List where you can see which questions are incomplete or have reminders set and navigate to them individually. It is not recommended to use this as a means of answering questions unless you want to access an unanswered page quickly.

The button lets you go quickly to the end of the test to submit your answers.

At the end of the test you will see a list of any question reminders for you to access quickly. You can also access the Question List to check your answers before you press the submit button. You will not be able to make any changes after the answers are submitted.

After you have submitted your answers be sure to follow any instructions presented to you carefully.


You can evaluate a lot without signing in but please remember - you must be signed in to save your work to the server (but you can always export it and import it back next time).

About creating an account

Please use the Sign in with Google option for free access including free upgrade to Basic. If you create a non-Google account here then you will be required to pay for Basic upgrade to save work on this account and then again for any 28 day period in which you wish to save work using the publisher. For details of prices see the packages help page .

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This is to import data (xml) you have previously exported from Set YOUR own TESTS. You can't import Word documents etc.

First choose the file to import from your computer or Google Drive using the above buttons or, alternatively, you can paste into a text box.

If you select to choose a file from Google Drive you will need to authenticate with Google and then pick a file.

Then click the Submit button. Your Library will then appear in the list on the Libraries tab or your Test will appear in the list on the Tests tab.

Remember to save the imported Library or Test.

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Preview mode tip: Any email address can be entered here so you could give your respondents an invented email address known only to you and them. Alternatively, use it for job applications, competitions, etc.
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